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The journey begins

Looking around the globe for travel ideas?

Off we go! aaahhh… the exhilaration of planning and packing for a getaway, brief or extended. Passport required? Even better. Synthesizing online research, guidebooks, trip tips from friends and colleagues, assimilating essential info to create a dream trip is in itself a joyful excursion. I’m mentally there before takeoff and once there, strive for the ultimate experience.

I’m a go-go traveler, aiming to inhale every scent, image, and sound that meets my senses without wasting a moment. Naturally, this also includes indulgences such as local wine respites in a backstreet Venetian or Parisian bistro, and purposeful trips – grocery shopping in Kampala, souvenir hunting in local Indian, South African and Cuban villages. Without fail, gastronomy is a binding cross cultural element, whether Irish pub grub, a freshly toasted Guatemalan tortilla, or machete-split Aruban coconut juice, all of which inspire conversations. Food is a connector, a luscious language we all understand.

Each time I leave home, my goal is to return exhausted, enriched, enlightened. Whether you’re an armchair explorer or world wanderer, I hope you’ll enjoy these journeys with me. All are welcome.